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An Introduction

If you have visited our website home page you no doubt would have read a small bit about us and the types of services we offer. As detailed we are a family run business based in Bridgend South Wales and we are professional painters and decorators. As expected this doesn’t describe everything about us, or the services we provide, hence the reason for starting this blog, which will hopefully be useful and informative for the people who read it.

The blog will also give an insight to what a professional decorator does, allowing people who are perhaps thinking of having decorating work carried out to look in a little more detail at what services a professional decorator can provide for them or their business.

Another aspect of this blog is to provide little tips and tricks to people who are undertaking some DIY work at home, some of it will be common knowledge but most of it will perhaps be new information for those who want to delve a little deeper in to the dark art of painting and decorating.

Often you will see posts about recently completed jobs as well as examinations of certain painting techniques and tools that we use or have seen via our day to day work. The main idea of this blog is to give people a better understanding of our trade and provide a more transparent perspective on painting and decorating.


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