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Spray Painting Rough Surfaces

As well as providing a traditional painting service we also offer a spray-painting service throughout the Bridgend and South Wales area. This can be incredibly effective for painting rough rendered surface such as pebbledash, which is difficult to paint with a roller or brush. It is also useful for painting newly plastered surfaces, leaving a finish that is second to none.

The machine we use is called an airless sprayer, which uses high pressure to reduce paint to a fine, but powerful, directional mist. The machine is most effective at painting rough external surfaces, which are incredibly difficult to paint using traditional methods, especially if the surface has not been painted previously. Often people will choose to have pebbledash or a similar external surface painted after a few years, as these types of surfaces can gradually looked weathered due to the elements.

Pebbledash is probably one of the most difficult surfaces to paint due to its relatively loose adhesion to the wall, therefore when a roller or brush is applied to the surface the pebbledash is invariably removed. This obviously causes problems, as the surface can look shabby and patchy after being painted.

The application of an Airless Sprayer allows paint to be applied without disturbing the pebbledash, which in turn allows the paint to be applied more effectively than when applied with a roller or brush. This is also true of similar rough surfaces as well as smooth externally rendered wall surfaces.

Spraying rough surfaces can also be more cost effective as it reduces the labor involved due to its efficiency at applying the paint, cutting down on mess and time. We will be posting more on Spray Painting in the coming months, to give you a better understanding of how it can be used in different situations.


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