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Drip-less Caulking Gun

Something every professional painter and decorator or DIY enthusiast needs is a robust, efficient, and reliable caulking gun. There are a number on the market normally retailing from £10 to £20 pounds depending on the manufacturer and quality. We have used numerous different types of caulking guns over the years with some being noticeably better than others. All of them would however drip, with some dripping far more than others, which would be a bit messy and make it a little more difficult to get the desired finish. Another feature, which was also wildly variable were the trigger mechanism, with each gun delivering different amounts of caulking, often regardless of the pressure used. Again this would make it a little bit more difficult to get the desired finish and compromise efficiency.

So after looking around and seeing what other professional painting contractors were using, especially in America, we came across the Dripless ETS 3000 Contractor Grade Caulk Gun - 310ml. We were a little doubtful at first if it would truly be drip-less like the manufacturer had stated, but we decided to bite the bullet and test it out. On first glance the gun itself is extremely well made being manufactured from a hard durable plastic, which reduces the weight and helps give it a nice balance. This was a great feature as most of the guns we have used in the past had been made from metal and could be a little heavy, especially when using it above your head for long stretches of time. Another great feature was the guns handle and trigger function, which was incredibly smooth to use when applying pressure, allowing a perfect amount of caulk to be applied. The handle itself is very comfortable thanks to ergonomic design and features a little switch for turning the drip-less feature on or off, which gives you the option for drip/no drip bead control. The most important factor however, and best feature is it really does not drip, which seems like an obvious thing to say, but it really does not drip, even slightly. This in combination with its smooth delivery of caulk makes this an excellent product, which allows a professional finish to be achieved effortlessly.


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