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We follow a lot of companies and fellow decorators on a number of social media platforms and come across many new techniques and tools all the time. One of the best things we have seen so far is the Rollabucket, which is currently only available in America. The Rollabucket is basically a paint bucket with wheels that allows you to move your paint around with your roller arm, the same way you use a mop bucket, over virtually any surface. It also includes a grid for removing any excess paint from your roller, which fits right into the bucket itself. Once we had seen what the bucket could do, we decided to see if we could get our hands on one and put it to the test, which we did.

The first thing I noticed about the bucket was the build quality, it is made from a thick durable plastic with plenty of reinforcing on the corners, and features heavy duty wheels that fit securely into the bottom. The wheels are probably the best aspect of the bucket, they are well made and heavy duty, with one wheel featuring a little break to stop the bucket from moving on flat surfaces. Should you ever need to carry the bucket up a set of stairs the bucket features a strong carry handle that makes it very easy to lift. As mentioned the bucket also comes with a metal rolling grid, which again is very robust and super easy to clean. The bucket itself is also easy to clean, especially if you are using water based emulsions, simply put water in the bucket and use a wet rag to remove the residual paint after use.

It's not often a product comes along that does exactly what you have seen it do on the demo videos, I was little unsure at first if it would move over our thick painting sheets, especially if they were laid down on carpet. However on the first outing it did just that, easily moving over the painting sheets in what was a very space restricted area. The usefulness of a product like this can not be overstated enough, the ability to move a bucket without having to lift it up constantly is a time and spine saver. It also makes you more efficient and any good trader will tell you efficiency on a job makes everything run smoother and anything that saves you seconds or minutes should be utilised. The Website for the company that makes the bucket is listed below along with their promotional video. The company will also make the RollaTray which we will also be testing out soon and will do a little demo video of our own for both products, which we will feature on our blog.


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