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As we have mentioned in our previous blog posts we offer a spray-painting service, which we provide to most of south east Wales. We recently acquired a spray pole extension for our spray gun, which is manufactured by the American tool company Hyde. We decided to invest in this particular piece of equipment due to its usefulness in allowing us to reach high areas without the need to use a ladder, platform, or scaffolding in a number of situations. Another incentive was it would increase our efficiency considerably and make us more competitive when pricing jobs. The pole we went for was the Hyde QuickReach Max Telescoping Spray Pole, which gave us the ability to spray paint at heights close to 20ft from a standing position. This is very useful when spraying the external walls of a house or high interior ceilings and cuts down on costs for the customer without comprising the service. So far the pole has been excellent and has allowed us to be even more efficient when applying paint via our airless sprayer system. This will allow us to deliver a high quality service to our customers on difficult jobs and provide them with the best service possible utilising this effective tool. Check out the video below to see what the pole is all about. We will also be posting our own videos, showing the pole in action very soon.


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